The ceiba is a tree that can measure up to 70 meters in height and its trunk can reach 3 meters in diameter. In winter it loses its leaves and according to the beliefs of the Mayans they predicted the fertility of the crops by the amount of leaves it produced in spring and summer.

Due to its great height and long roots that can be seen inside the caves of Río Secreto, the Mayans believed that there was a connection between the heavens and the underworld since their branches supported the heavens, while their deep roots symbolize the connection with the divine world; being a means of communication between the world of the living and the underworld (world of the dead).

This majestic tree in the Mayan language is called "Ya’axche" which means green tree due to its tonality that prevails in the juvenile stage of the ceiba; for the Mayans la Ceiba tree means life, perpetuity, greatness, goodness, strength and union; there is no other plant that grows so tall and showy.

This tree is dominant in the jungles in Río Secreto you can find many of them, young or very old; in addition, when you enter the cave you will see its roots fall and the connection that the Mayans worshiped.

Come to Río Secreto and be amazed by the majesty of these trees and everything you can find in our Nature Reserve.

Río Secreto

Río Secreto

Reserva Natural es un sistema de cuevas semi-inundadas, un río subterráneo de extraordinaria belleza.