This year Guinness World Records Book celebrated 64 years. Sure there are incredible things contained in its pages. But do you know them all?

Mexico has over 2,000 records and you can know all about 5 of them, right here:

World’s biggest piñata

In 2016, the State of Mexico was decorated with a huge colorful piñata of 98ft tall and a weight of 3.2 tonnes, which was later recognized as World’s biggest piñata by Guinness Records.

Last time, this record was obtained by U.S.A, however, the hard work of 177 mexican artisans overcame it that year.

The biggest mexican altar

Not a doubt, the Day of the Dead is a unique and colorful mexican celebration, worth to presence. How long do you think the biggest altar could have been?

In 2017, the state of Hidalgo registered the biggest mexican altar in the world, with 9111.4 ft2. More than a thousand volunteers helped to build it and, like every other traditional altar, it had elements such as salt, canddles, suggar skulls, chocolate, cempasuchil and Xantolo flowers. Sure it was a very fun decorating process, don’t you think?

World’s biggest guacamole

Can you imagine a plate of 2.98 tonnes of guacamole? Well, that actually happened in 2017, at the state of Jalisco.

This huge traditional dish was prepared in only 90 minutes by students from 14 different culinary schools and with the help of more than 1,500 people. In order to accomplish this record, there were needed 3,500 tomatoes, 750 onions, 90 handfulls of coriander and the juice of 3,000 lemons. Yummy, right?

World’s biggest traditional dance

The city of Guadalajara is known for having several Guinness Records, most of them, of cultural matter. This year (2019), another one was added to its list and even overcame their own record, by gathering 882 traditional dancers at one place in order to dance the “Jarabe Tapatío”, a representative song from this city.

This epic dance was only the start to the International Mariachi and Charrería Festival. Now you want to be part of next year’s event, right?

The biggest mezcal tasting in the world

What if you could drink all the mezcal you want? At Zacatecas, 1,910 people had the chance to participate at world’s biggest mezcal tasting.

Participants were able to taste a variety of the most popular local brands of mezcal, such as a young “3 Pueblos” and an aged “Aztecali”. Definitely in the bucket list!



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