As you may have noticed, the Yucatan peninsula is rich in natural landscapes, gastronomy, culture and many other wonders. Among the treasures that remain as part of its tradition, there is a beverage called Xtabentún.

This is one of the most popular liqueurs in the region and is known as "Morning Glory" or "Creeper that grows on stone."

Its nectar intoxicates sweetly, as it is made with fermented honey and anise. Stingless bees, called meliponas, feed on the flower of Xtabentún. Honey is obtained from them and it is distilled by hand in a very old process, during which, in addition, a little anise is added.

It was used for centuries as a ceremonial beverage, in divination rites, to find lost objects or people and diagnose diseases.

Currently, it is customary to drink as a digestive, sometimes accompanying coffee; however, it can also be served alone, on ice or cold.

Without a doubt, a delicious beverage that you must try during your next trip to the peninsula!


Río Secreto

Río Secreto

Reserva Natural es un sistema de cuevas semi-inundadas, un río subterráneo de extraordinaria belleza.