Celebrate Christmas and New Year as Mexican

If you are in Mexico and you want to celebrate how an expert, know the traditions, foods what should try and what you can do before of your celebration.

In Mexico, various religious acts are celebrated, such as the birth of Jesus, are made the posadas navideñas from december 16 to december 24 that refer to way that María and José crossed. In these celebrations you can sing christmas carols, enjoy typical dishes such as tamales, atole, or the famous fruit punch that is only taken on these dates.

Something unmissable of the posadas navideñas are the piñatas that symbolize the seven deadly sins (pride, greed, lust, anger, gluttony, envy and laziness), breaking it means ending these evils, the candy and fruit that fall are the blessings that humanity receives for its good deeds.

The pastorelas are another entertaining and fun way to celebrate before christmas, these typical plays of the decembrine season speak on the birth of the baby Jesus and may be loaded with satire, double sense and elements of humor very mexican.

Let's celebrate new year

Many people carry out rituals at midnight like, running with suitcases to travel during the year, sweep your house to take away energy negative and the most common eat 12 grapes as they symbolize each of the purposes you want to achieve during the new year.

In Yucatan it has a traditional and peculiar celebrating this day, a cloth doll is made representing a old man, at say 12 o'clock lights up symbolizing the end of the old year and start of the new year.

You wonder, is everything a party?

No, December is the month where we all climb a few kilos because you can enjoy exquisite dishes: turkey, loin, cod, rosemary, salad Apple or pasta are the typical dishes of these holidays. In the Riviera Maya you can find many restaurants or bars that will celebrate these days; without however, what will you do all morning?

Start the celebration early with a half-day tour and get to know the entrails of the earth, in Rio Secreto we have different packages with the which can you celebrate since you wake up and leaving the afternoon free to that you can celebrate Christmas and New Year with your family and friends.

Now we know that you can celebrate with your family and friends in a way very mexican, we hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2020!

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