Which taco fits the best with you?

As you know, tacos are a mexican’s bestfriend! And since years ago, a lot of countries have been trying to recreate them, but haven’t yet accomplished it.

They're so important, they even have a special day: march 31, Taco Day.

From the head to the... well, when it comes to tacos, everything can be eaten! Therefore, there are lots of different kinds, you just have to find the one that fits you better.

Have you tried them all?

Here’s a list of 7 different tacos, in order for you to choose your favorite:

Tacos al pastor

One of the most popular all around Mexico. They were first prepared at Puebla, in a try for following a lebanese recipe.

What makes them so good, is the traditionally marinated pork meat, made with achiote, spices and red grounded peppers, which gives that reddish color.

They can be accompanied with a variety of green and red sauces, coriander, onion and as it is famously know, pinapple.

On june 2019, the culinary site guide Taste Atlas, named them as “World’s best meal”.

Cochinita Pibil

This traditional plate from the Yucatan península is way better when accompanied with handmade tortillas. “Pib” or “pibil” means burried o cooked under earth, meaning the meat of this kind of taco is prepared in an underground oven.

Tacos de canasta

The name comes from the fact that they are actually transported and heated in a basket. After cooking the tacos, the basket is wrapped with plastic and kitchen paper so the heat stays inside for even hours.

This kind of tacos are original from San Vicente, a small town in the state of Tlaxcala, where every december, there’s a carnival dedicated to them: “Feria del Taco de San Vicente Xiloxochitla”.

Tacos de carnitas

“Carnitas” is the final product of pork meat fried in a copper casserole and spiced with herbes, water and salt.

These tacos are among people’s favorite when it comes to hangovers, because of the spicy sauces that usually served along with them. This meat is actually the same one used in the famous torta ahogada.

Tacos gobernador

The story of this taco starts at a restaurant called Los Arcos, at Mazatlán, Sinaloa. The city’s governor was visiting the place, so the chef and employees wanted to amaze him with a whole new dish. They knew he loved a northen dish called machaca, that his wife used to cook him, so they made a combination of shrimps with machaca and cheese. When the governor tasted them he was pleased and inmediately asked for the name of this amazing dish… so they called them after him: “Tacos gobernador”.

Tacos dorados

They are made with a folded fried tortilla filled with either chicken or mashed potatoes. They’re served with a topping of cream, lettuce, cheese and of course, sauce.

Tacos de guisado

If you go to a big mexican party, you will probably find a large table with lots of clay pots. In each of those pots, you will find different mexican traditional dishes, such as chicken tinga, mole, beans and even cochinita pibil.

Behind the table, you will see a woman preparing some handmade tortillas and quesadillas… the perfect match for these culinary experience!

So now you know it… everything simply tastes better if you make it a taco!

So, friends from all around the world: what are you waiting for coming to Mexico and make this culinary tour?

If you really want to know a country, you must know its kitchen!


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